Marc Pingry Productions

Marc Pingry Productions, Seattle, WA 98103


Papa Boss Credit List:



Marc Pingry & Sigal Bujman



Sigal Bujman


Director of Photography & Editor

Marc Pingry


Associated Producers

Samantha Jacobsen

Jessica Knowles


Offline Editors

Joanne Ardinger

Rich Phelps


Location Audio

Adam Bujman

Karan Sharma


Production Assistants

Esther Megasis

Devon Hale

Roee Avnon

Morelle Arian



Lara Ticeson



Special Thanks

The city of Puerto Princesa

Gina Lopez – ABS-CBN Foundation

Mrs. Elena Hagedorn

Patty Ortega

Rebecca Labit

Neneng Aguire

Neneng Maria

Tone McGuire

Redempto & Gerthie Anda

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